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........ The objective of the college is to stimulate and coordinate the institutional resources of the College and to challenge faculties and students, who have serious educational interests and genuine social concerns, to the kind of involvement that is academically relevant and socially committed.

         Our College is a progressive, learner- focused College that values the individual and believes in nurturing self-esteem, confidence and independent thinking, while also encouraging self-discipline and responsibility. We encourage the spirit of service & participation. Generations ahead will benefit from this auditorium and bless all those who contributed with their hard work and goodwill.

         We produce Education professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs who embody the ideals of competence, quality consciousness and human values. We develop experts in education equipping our students to become tomorrow's leaders in industry, academy, and government. We consistently provide our students with the most progressive, relevant, and well-rounded academic programs, supporting their learning through the availability of advanced and extensive resources.












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